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It's too complicated getting support these days. Get professional help at the click of a button.

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Complex Communication. Simplified. 

Connect with local doctors, psychologists, and therapists with one search.

We Listen

Most therapist directories ask simple, restrictive questions. We ask you what you're going through, no need to fit into a box.

Find Support

We'll find support in your area that fits your schedule, style, and needs. Just pick from your search results!

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Contact and set up an appointment, plan for it, and set up regular sessions from our centralized platform.

We do things differently.

When you visit most therapist directories and psychologyst search engines, the format doesn't fit the client. Right off the bat, you're asked about insurance providers, financial aid statuses, preferred methods of care, and diagnoses before you've even gotten help. This isn't how it should be. HelpFinder places client needs first, with all other steps coming later. Tell us what you're experiencing, and we'll take care of the rest.

Now Available for iOS! Available in select zip codes.